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production services.

Corporate Videos

Capture the essence of your brand, and company’s culture with a short video that can be used to tell your story, and connect with your clients. These videos are perfect as an introduction on your company’s website, or social media page.


Whether you want to raise awareness or sell a product, we can provide you with a polished commercial, usable for broadcast or web. These commercials will not only be created meeting the highest technical standards, but include full creative design if requested.

Event Coverage

No event is too large or too small to be captured and used to inform, to promote, or simply to document. The finished product will not simply be event footage, but will tell your event story in an interesting and engaging way.

Training Videos/Product Tutorials

Effectively outlining company policies is an important task that many organizations face. The visual effect of video increases information retention, and allows for effortless viewing and sharing among existing and new employees. Video product tutorials are also extremely effective at informing your consumers, and can easily be uploaded to your company’s website, social media page or YouTube channel.

4K Digital Cinema Motion Pictures

Short or feature length films can be brought to life in up to 4K resolution, thanks to the RED One Digital Cinema cameras. Our involvement in your production can be as minor as equipment supplier, to as major as full production studio. If you are interested in renting the RED One Cameras with or without Accessory kits, please contact us, or follow the Generator at One link below.

Equipment Rental

We have a range of small and large video cameras, lighting, grip, audio and post production equipment and facilities for rental. Contact us for inquiries on specific items.

post production services.

Video Post Production

Whether or not we captured your footage, we can provide a complete host of solutions for your post production needs. We take great care in the logistical and creative elements of your project, and pay close attention to every detail, ensuring your finished video is perfect. A brand new editing suite including Final Cut Studio, Autodesk Flame & Smoke, and Adobe Creative Suite 5 is at our disposal, and should your project require any additional visual effects or animation, we can provide that as well, all under one roof.

Audio Post Production

A video’s music sets the tone and helps portray the intended message, and as proper audio has a positive impact, the wrong audio can defeat the whole purpose of the video. We understand this and take care to ensure your video has the perfect audio track, uniquely composed by our in-house audio technician. Digidesign’s Pro Tools 9 software is at our fingertips, and if a voiceover is required, a brand-new Whisper booth is available to ensure a clean, crisp sound.