Fourgrounds Media Inc.

We Are Video Production

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We are a Niagara Video Production company with a talented team of filmmakers, an inspiration for creating motion pictures, and a distinctive approach to customer satisfaction. From scripting and concept development, to location booking and catering prep, we take care of everything - and that's a refreshing change from the standards of most video production companies.

What makes us so great?

It's not just the equipment we work with, like the RED ONE digital cinema cameras, a brand new film & audio studio and private theatre, or the Smoke and Final Cut post production software - ok it's partly about the equipment (cause it's the best in the industry) - but it's how we use it. When putting this gear to work, we have a vision and we utilize techniques that maximize its capabilities while providing a product that is second to none. As far as outputs are concerned, we can tailor yours for every platform imaginable, from YouTube to the big screen and everything in between.

Creating moving pictures, regardless of the content is our passion and we love to share that passion by creating smart, sophisticated content for our clients with the best technology in the industry: We do not just capture reality, we create it, and that’s something we are proud of! You should be too.

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